James Odin Wade

Writing Person


In Tongues

When Cara, a true crime author, dies suddenly alone in her British Columbia cabin while researching a famous serial killer, her husband and little sister are left grief-stricken and searching for answers. When they both happen to show up at the cabin they agree to work together to try and uncover how Cara might have died, despite some shared secrets. What they find there begins to reveal new sides to Cara, her investigation and themselves.

90 minutes, 3 women, 2 men.

This play was commissioned by the University of Lethbridge as part of the class New Play Workshop in 2018.


Resistance is a full length drama set in Paris, 1973. A young woman named Dominique Peyroux approaches film director Jean-Pierre Melville with an idea that could save his career and kickstart her own while reckoning with each of their demons from the French Resistance. This is James' thesis play from his time in the University of Calgary's MFA Playwriting program.

1M 1F, 80 minutes

Resistance has had a staged reading as part of the Taking Flight Festival of Student Work in March 2016


In Case of Fire.png

Sex, drugs and tea! Ben and Jordan are a young Mormon couple whose life is thrown into chaos when Ben's confession that he doesn't believe in God sends them on a strange trial period where the two reckon with faith, life, death and their relationship.

1M 1F, 60 minutes

In Case of Fire is the winner of the 2017 Ottawa Little Theatre National One-Act Playwriting Competition. It was workshopped and presented as a staged reading at Lunchbox Theatre's annual Stage One Festival of New Canadian Work in June 2016.

Helmut's Big Day.png

Sabir and Katar defend the empire from atop the wall separating the Great Plain from the Barren Plain. But wait. Which plain is which? They’re going to have to figure it out quick: there are riders approaching, the wolfing hour is closing in and Sabir keeps talking to his helmet.

2M/F, 30 minutes

Helmut's Big Day was produced by Red Phone Theatre in 2015 at the Calgary and Edmonton International Fringe Festivals.

Winner of the 2014 Alberta Playwriting Competition Grand Prize

"A short, surprising dynamo of a theatre piece, packed with surreal humour. An exciting, existential read." -APC Jury

Greetings from Sardineland (1).png

Greetings From Sardineland is a one-act comedy about Sam and Max, two friends who produce a violent detective comic in the 1950s. When the Senate Subcommittee On Juvenile Delinquency comes after the comic for its violent content Sam and Max's careers and friendships are put on trial.

3M 1F, 50 minutes

Greetings From Sardineland was first produced by Red Phone Theatre in 2012 at the Motel Theatre at the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts.

Winner of the 2011 University of Lethbridge Play Right Prize Supported by Terry Whitehead

Winner of the 2012 Ottawa Little Theatre National One-Act Playwriting Competition

WILF (2).png

 WILF is a one-act comedy. When Marc and Penelope invite over a young woman who has been raised by wolves, a bizarre sexual competition for her affection comes between their friendship as everyone's animal instincts come to the surface.

1M 2F, 35 minutes

WILF was first produced by Red Phone Theatre at the 2013 Calgary Fringe Festival and performed at the Alexandra Centre Society.

Muse Control (1).png

Muse Control is a one-act comedy about a troubled writer named Roy who attempts to get some inspiration from a few strange "muses" that stumble into his life. He soon finds the muses to be more than he expected when they start to wreak havoc on his social life.

1M 2F 1-2M/F 50 minutes

Muse Control had its premiere in 2010 through the University of Lethbridge's TheatreXtra program.

Winner of the 2010 University of Lethbridge Play Right Prize Supported by Terry Whitehead



(Co-written by Jeremy Park) James and Jeremy have shown up to tell the story of Alexander the Great's horse using the time-honoured tradition of Two Person Horse Costume (or TPHC for those in the industry). After a technical issue gets in their way the two must figure out how to finish the show with a two-assed horse.

3M, 40 minutes

A Song of Bucephalus premiered at the 2016 Calgary Region One Act Festival and was awarded Honourable Mentions for Outstanding Script, Outstanding Actor (Jeremy Park) and Outstanding Direction (Haley McDonnell)


(Co-written with Jason Michael Brescia, based on his film)

Years after the dramatic break-up of his sensational emo band, Autumn in August, Casey Thayer is helping to put on his former bandmate’s Christmas Wedding in Long Island. Things get complicated when a freak snowstorm traps the wedding guests in their neighborhood bar alongside the sudden appearance of Ellis Tillman, former lead singer of Autumn In August…and Casey’s former flame.

4M, 4F, 1 hour, 40 minutes


Play House

Three old friends get together for a weekend while one of them is housesitting a fancy apartment. Listless in their current predicaments, they hatch a plan to invite over an acquaintance who is recently rich to try and wow him enough to invest in a business plan they have put together.